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The Werefrogs


New Audio Added

New audio added to the player today:

The 1st two Werefrogs 7" records, It's Real b/w Tin The World, and Pearl Baby Flower b/w Picture Show. These singles were released on the band's personal label, Part Trance Records. The audio was digitally transferred from the original DAT 16-bit production master.

A cassette recording of the 2nd John Peel Session from 1992, including the never released tracks 'Slovenia' and 'Revelator'. Plus versions of H. Dumpty and Potvan. Peel Session cassette courtesy of Ben Gillam.

A live recording of the band at the Amsterdam Paradiso, January 16th, 1994, featuring tracks from the band's never released 2nd LP (working title 'Autosodomy').

The set includes the tracks Holes in my Stars, Sista Warren (a.k.a Hey Sister), Perceptor, Matador, Fuck or Die, Slang Mary, Mardou, Theremin CCCP, Amarcord, Green.